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Abstract Paper Craft
Working at the Beach

Contact me for personalized services to get you started writing or help you continue along your journey.

Personal Consultation

A 30 minute confidential phone call or Zoom session to greet you and encourage you in your writing journey and point you in the right direction, no matter where you are in your writing life.

Manuscript Review

It is an honour that you share your work with us. Your fiction or non-fiction writing will be accepted with the upmost respect, care, and confidentiality.
Two deliverables will be provided:
1. An overview of general impressions including plot, theme, character building, setting, and style. 
2. A full (line by line) Development edit with suggestions for your consideration.
All works and subsequent edits based on recommendations are retained in copyright by you. 

Pricing based on word count.

Copy editing, line editing and proofreading are not available through Writing Spot. Contact me for recommendations.

Great writing starts with great characters, real or imagined. It is only by truly understanding them that we can make them rise from the pages and stay in our reader's mind. This 2 x 1 hour session via phone or Zoom includes a pre-review of your current characters, character building exercises and workshopping to bring them to a greater life.

Pen to Paper

Perhaps you see a person on the street and envision their story. Perhaps you want to record your favourite memories for your grandchildren. 
Perhaps a poet lives inside but is hiding behind the grind of day to day life. Is something holding you back?
In this one hour consultation via phone or Zoom, we will review your goals and work together to turn your writing ideas into reality.

Scheduled Coaching

One hour sessions at intervals that suit your lifestle, including pre-review of submissions with guidence and advice to keep you writing
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