"When I am writing, and completely immersed in setting and character, time stands still." K. Bradley

K. Bradley's (Kathi Nidd) debut mystery novel, Snowdrifts was published in 2016 and she is currently working toward the publication of two additional mystery thrillers set in the same fictional city.

Her poetry has appeared in publications by The Poetry Institute of Canada, Polar Expressions Publishing, Haunted Waters Press and Quills Magazine. She also has several stories published in CommuterLit e-magazine. A former member of The Ottawa Story Spinners, Bradley’s work appears in five volumes of “The Black Lake Chronicles” short story anthologies.


As the creator of "Fuzzball’s Christmas Eve Adventure” Bradley engages adults and children alike while fundraising for animal charities.

With a career in pharmacy and healthcare informatics, Bradley pulls from the human side of medicine to provide a unique lens into strong and realistic characters.


As a creative writing coach, Bradley understands the technical aspects of getting a piece of writing off the ground. More importantly, she resonates and provides support for the intimate challenges and joys from getting started to a final product.

 Bradley grew up and continues to reside in Ottawa alongside her loving spouse, a spirited mini schnauzer, and a pensive pug.

"Writing is telepathy ...A writer to reader and reader to reader share a telepathic connection. How one writes, tells other people things, without having to tell them things." Stephen King