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Three weeks before his wedding, on the eve of the most important trial of his career, Joe Sinclair has vanished. As his fiancée anxiously awaits word on his whereabouts, Joe’s dearest friends question his recent unusual behavior. And while Joe’s teenage defendant grasps to the dwindling hope of a murder acquittal, the mystery of the unsolved murder of Joe’s high school sweetheart resurfaces.

Is Joe, the target of deep-rooted accusations from the past, now a victim of his own circumstance? Or will his disappearance finally uncover the truth?


Fuzzball, a loveable mutt and shelter rescue, is excited for Christmas Eve with his loving owners, David and Daphne. But during an intense snowstorm, Fuzzball mistakenly slips from his leash while playing. Fuzzball does everything he can to find his way back through the cold and busy streets of Toronto and manages to make quite an impression on everyone he meets along the way.

Heading In this sequel to "Fuzzball's Christmas Eve Adventure", Fuzzball senses changes are on the way for David and Daphne. One night, they inform Fuzzball they are returning to the shelter where he originally rescued them. Cautiously, he goes along and meets someone very special, his new brother, Mylo. Then, one night, as rain begins to fall, Fuzzball realizes the responsibility of being a big brother when Mylo ends up on an adventure of his own.

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