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May 2022

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Mar 2022

'7 Deadly Pens' is a collection of 7 short stories from 7 deadly authors designed to keep you guessing and turning pages well into the night. Created in collaboration with a local fiction group,  Bradley proudly includes her latest short story, "Brisé".

Six-year-old Abigail is excited at the prospect of being a flower girl in her sister's wedding, but, despite the upcoming joy, she is compelled to run away. Entranced by Jay, a teenage boy she encounters on the wooded trail by her grandparent's farm, Abigail is compelled to visit the abandoned house at the end of the trail to find the answers that live in her vivid imagination.


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a novel

K. Bradley


“That thing you never talk about. I know all about it.”

Dr. Cassandra Riley was not expecting the arrival of the mysterious Mr. Winters in the clinic examining room that ordinary morning nor the words he spoke to shake her to the core. But her seemingly perfect life; loving husband, darling daughter and budding medical career, were about to unravel. As Cass relives the tragedies that befell her loving sister long ago and fights an ongoing malpractice lawsuit, Mr. Winters continues his pursuance until Cass is left with no choice but to face an ugly truth.


When retired school teacher, Emma Barnes, dies in a tragic accident, her writing group is tasked with completing one of her many unfinished novels. As they unravel one of her novels, they meet Claire, a spirited girl growing up in the backdrop of the Dublin Punk Rock era. And as the novel unfolds, Claire's story guides them to an unsolved murder and to question everything they knew about Emma.

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Claire, Departed


K. Bradley

Three weeks before his wedding, on the eve of the most important trial of his career, Joe Sinclair has vanished. As his fiancée anxiously awaits word on his whereabouts, Joe’s dearest friends question his recent unusual behaviour. While Joe’s teenage defendant grasps to the dwindling hope of a murder acquittal, the mystery of the unsolved murder of Joe’s high school sweetheart resurfaces.

Is Joe, the target of deep-rooted accusations from the past, now a victim of his own circumstance? Or will his disappearance finally uncover the truth?

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Fuzzball, a loveable mutt and shelter rescue, is excited for Christmas Eve with his loving owners, David and Daphne. But during an intense snowstorm, Fuzzball mistakenly slips from his leash while playing. Fuzzball does everything he can to find his way back through the cold and busy streets of Toronto and manages to make quite an impression on everyone he meets along the way.

In this sequel to "Fuzzball's Christmas Eve Adventure", Fuzzball senses changes are on the way for David and Daphne. One night, they inform Fuzzball they are returning to the shelter where he originally rescued them. Cautiously, he goes along and meets someone very special, his new brother, Mylo. Then, one night, as rain begins to fall, Fuzzball realizes the responsibility of being a big brother when Mylo ends up on an adventure of his own.

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Every penny earned from the Fuzzball stories is donated to local animal shelters.

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