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K. Bradley
(Kathi Nidd)
Author, Poet, Creative Writing Coach

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"Nidd [Bradley] has created a story of tightly woven details that only shed light on the last pages of an unpredictable novel that could very easily be transformed to the screen."  Lisa McCombs -- Readers’ Favorite
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Three weeks before his wedding, on the eve of the most important trial of his career, Joe Sinclair has vanished. As his fiancée anxiously awaits word on his whereabouts, Joe’s dearest friends question his recent unusual behaviour. While Joe’s teenage defendant grasps to the dwindling hope of a murder acquittal, the mystery of the unsolved murder of Joe’s high school sweetheart resurfaces.

Is Joe, the target of deep-rooted accusations from the past, now a victim of his own circumstance? Or will his disappearance finally uncover the truth?

“Kathi knows how to dole out her mystery in controlled portions. She keeps a steady pace, builds strong characters, and keeps you turning pages.”

 Matt C Sully

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Ottawa, Canada  

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